Yii Framework – The fastest PHP web development 2.0

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Php, Yii Framework

Hi there,

If you have an experience developing web application with traditional PHP, why not move to Yii framework.

Yii framework is base on PHP, fully object oriented and develop your application is easy , fast and the most important is, IT IS STRUCTURED PROGRAMMING. If you’re working in a team, this framework will help you a lot.

Yii will help you to generate model of your table, form and structured your files within less than a minute using Gii in Yii.

With Yii, you can manage themes of your application, and what is interesting, Yii is integrated with ajax and Jquery, which will save your time a lot.

For more info and documentation, please visit here -> Yii Framework

  1. fatah says:

    Yeah, stay on top with Yii Framework.

  2. Valens says:

    We are looking for PHP Developers who are familiar with Yii/Zend/Cakephp Framework development experience.

    Interested? kindly email latest cv to valens@v2innovates.com

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