Python: Read Excel file with xldr

First make sure you’ve install the xlrd module:

$ sudo pip install xlrd

Then here are the basic code to read the Excel file with Python:


import xlrd

def read_file_xlsx(read_file):
    workbook = xlrd.open_workbook(read_file)
    worksheet = workbook.sheet_by_index(int(worksheet_index))
    num_cols = worksheet.ncols # Number of columns
    for row_n in range(0, worksheet.nrows): # Iterate through rows
        print ('Row: %s' % row_n) # Print row number
       for col_n in range(0, num_cols): # Iterate through columns
            cell_value = worksheet.cell(row_n, col_n) # Get cell object by row, col
           print ('Column: [%s] cell_obj: [%s]' % (col_n, cell_value))

    return 'anything'

results = read_file_xlsx('my_file.xlsx');

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