Web Based Gis

Publish your map online..

You have spatial data..

You have the attribute information…

why not you share your data through the internet or intranet..

I’m suggesting you try either of one this product:

1. Autodesk Mapguide Enterprise

2. Mapguide Open Source

I’m using both product, which both are offering customizeable output of your interface, by using PHP and Mysql.

If you’re not familiar with programming language, both products are integrated with Fusion, which enhance the interface of your web gis, but offering limited functions.

Autodesk Mapguide Enterprise offering you the good authoring software, Autodesk MapGuide Studio and of course you need to pay for that.

The Autodesk MapGuide Studio is also working with mapguide open source. Or you can give a try to open source authoring software -> Mapguide Maestro

The best part of those product is, you can publish your spatial data to Google Earth.

Give a try 🙂